Amanda Morgan has spent her entire working life, over more than 25 years in the fashion industry. Amanda has owned her own boutique business’s since she was only 15 years old, as fashion has always been her passion with a natural talent beyond most in the fashion industry.

This has lead her to success after success… from owning franchises, to her own individually created boutiques which have become more prestigious with time, and shows her true expression of natural talent together with a world of knowledge she has developed to reflect her own individuality.

Amanda has an amazing ability to style women of any age, size and lifestyle. During her time at Melrose in Brighton and Dominex in Toorak, it became obvious that there is a true need to dress women to suit their requirements in every day life… to maximise style, occasional wear and most importantly creativity and an eye which creates personal results far beyond any expectations.


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Designer Kaftans

At Pretty-Porter we believe in elegance, sophistication, and beauty –and that’s exactly what we deliver. We have a fabulous range of kaftans online that are available for purchase today. Our kaftans are so versatile that they can be worn to any event or occasion. Whether you’re jet-setting to the Caribbean or attending an extravagant party, one of our kaftan dresses will make you the centre of attention.

All of our gorgeous kaftans in Australia are designed for warm weather and hot climates. We use the softest fabric that lends itself to the flowing design, giving you room to move freely and easily. Not only is the fabric soft, but it presents bright colours extremely well, ensuring all of our glamorous designer kaftan dresses are beautifully vibrant. From deep blues to candy pinks, from fierce reds to shimmering golds, our fashionkaftans are truly eye-catching.

If you are looking for a beach kaftan, a daytime kaftan-style dress, or any kaftan in between, Pretty-Porter has the solution for you. All of our designs are suitable for any purpose, giving you the freedom to wear yours whenever you like. Their versatility makes them perfect for travelling – a kaftan is ten outfits in one! You can dress them up with heels and jewellery or keep it casual with thongs and sunglasses.

Wearing a luxury kaftan dress from Pretty-Porter is guaranteed to make you feel like a goddess – buy your kaftan online today. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.