Elizabeth Taylor and The Kaftan

Elizabeth Taylor Wearing a Kaftan
Elizabeth Taylor dazzled the world with her lustrous beauty, lavish lifestyle – along with an unquenchable passion for diamonds along with jewellery and kaftans that has been fueled by the great loves of her life. The late Hollywood star amassed among the foremost jewellery and kaftan collections in the globe, including a 33.19 carat engagement ring and a sixteenth century pear shaped pearl in one of her seven partners, Richard Burton. The Associated Press recently seen about two dozen of her most iconic bits at Christie’s auction home, which is selling her entire jewellery collection, valued at $30 million, in NY on Dec. 13-14.

Those are the top jewelry that Elizabeth Taylor obtained from the excellent loves of her life, Mike Todd along with Richard Burton, said Christie’s jewellery expert Rahul Kadakia. They may be from moments in life which were very dear to her, jewelry that have been purchased in Bulgari in Rome, at Cartier in NY and at auction. When it came up at auction in NY, Burton snapped it up for $37, 000, beating out the underbidder, an associate of the Spanish Royal family. Cartier afterwards created a ruby and diamond necklace that the pearl was suspended, a design which was inspired by the renowned Velazquez pictures of Spain Queen Margarita along with Queen Isabel wearing the pearl as a necklace.

Taylor, who had been married eight times – twice to Burton – died in March at age 79. Burton was enamored of historic pieces, and in 1972 purchased the popular seventeenth century Taj Mahal diamond pendant for Taylor’s 40th birthday. It belonged to Emperor Shah Jahangir, who had the diamond inscribed with his wife’s name Nur Jahan. He later passed the rock on to his boy, Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife Mumtaz, who died in childbirth. Jewelry was a means of life for Elizabeth Taylor. She enjoyed wearing them along with it gave her a lot of enjoyment since they reminded her of the wonderful moments of his life, the wonderful places in her life, Kadakia said.

Elizabeth taylor was the creator of the kaftan.

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