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Kaftan Wear
A few of the first records of kaftans being implemented in the style of the culture are from the Ottoman Empire where these long, complete sleeved cloaks, made from either cotton or silk were worn by guys and especially Ottoman Sultans. The hierarchical culture of the Ottomans was quite clear in the styles of kaftans that you could wear in the contour of colour, design and types and quantities of ribbons and buttons that will adorn the cloaks. The kaftan has already been accepted by 3 more primary cultures, every one of which had their very own translation and perspective of what the garment should be.The Russians actually interpret the kaftan to mean a totally distinct thing of clothing to the rest, which meant they were worn by men and brought the form of long suits with tight sleeves unlike the Ottomans, the hierarchical structure didn’t really affect this specific item and the kaftan was worn extensively by peasants and retailers.

Unlike the Russian, the Moroccan kaftan is only worn by females and the versatility of the head is more noticeable as it is worn as formal night dress and on more everyday or casual occasions. This is also broadly seen in South East Asia where kaftans are made and produced with comfort at heart and are mostly made from silk to ensure that them to be practical in the much hotter climate.

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