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Kaftans History
Ramadan is the 30 days of the year where all fashionistas quit wearing European couture in support of the ever forgiving kaftan. Kaftans give girls the freedom to be on style while wearing anything from our culture. Oriental memorabilia became fashionable throughout the early 20s when the West emigrated to Istanbul, Cairo, Shanghai, and Casablanca effect it’d on people’s garments in addition to their houses is evident in history books, movies and museums. Everybody knows that social classes from Sultans to peasants adore a great kaftan. Christian Dior introduced a contemporary kaftan like dress in the late 50s. However it was Yves Saint Laurent that created kaftans in the 60s.

It made the history because it became the hostess dress, worn when you’re hosting an event, and it started the hippie chic or kaftan chic look. In the late 60s, Elizabeth Taylor was actually at the top of the world particularly after her tabloid filled connection with Richard Burton became public. She even plumped for a kaftan as a marriage dress, one by Gina Fratini, second time around to the love of her life Burton. Her favored designers were Emanuel and Thea Porter (a British Designer who popularized Kaftans along with other exotic and ethnically influenced garments in the late 60s.

Her kaftan assortment of the later designer was auctioned off at Christies after her death. Taylor was smart enough to hop on the style train from the start. In the 80s, the kaftan lost its appeal among the young and fantastic, but remained strong and important to the older ladies. These days, after vintage became in thanks to the likes of Kate Moss, antique caftans are making a big comeback. Lots of stars are wearing caftans of events, premieres, or galas like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Simpson All of them rock the look while mixing and coordinating it with contemporary pieces Whether it’s an Ossie Clark, Oscar Academy Award De La Renta, Pucci, Leonard, or Halston, a kaftan is just a staple piece in virtually any woman’s wardrobe. In the GCC, we’ve loads of new and emerging designers which are making wearable kaftans for the contemporary Khaleji lady. Statement likes kaftans from the very talented Alazzouni Razan, from Saudi Arabia.Kaftans at $99 - Buy Kaftans online in Melbourne, Sydney, Australia

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