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Kaftans and kaftan kind garments are and happen to be worn in several areas of Africa. West African men wear a boubou, comprising a pullover top with prolonged bell sleeves, worn with drawstring trousers. The layering of kaftans, in West African culture, produces the illusion of a big frame, indicating power and direction. North Africans wear a jellabiya that’s a long, flowing, as caftan robe with wide sleeves. At the Middle East and also in North Africa, the abaya is just a conventional garment worn by women. This modest kaftan style gown is normally black, a big sq of material that’s draped from the shoulders.

Moroccan kaftans were and are worn mainly by girls in a style called a Takchita. The two piece outfit comprises an under dress with a more elaborate over dress which includes ornamental embellishments including braiding, embroidery, ribbons, beading, and sequins. This stunning costume is worn for special occasions and marriages. An assortment of elaborate Moroccan kaftans appears in the video at the base of this page. Christian Dior introduced an open fronted variant of the kaftan in the 1950 s. The style became well-known as hostess gowns, worn for both proper and casual celebrations given at home. Elizabeth Taylor made the kaftan a style staple when she abandoned the formal, personalized clothing of the 1960 in favor designer created kaftans by Elizabeth Emanuel and Thea Porter.

The fantastic Elizabeth Taylor wore a far kaftan for her second wedding to Richard Burton and became an aficionado caftan for the rest of her life, appearing in an attractive kaftan in Architectural Digest. She appeared in many films wearing kaftans, including X Y and Zee in designs by Beatrice Dawson. Her love of kaftans became as much aside of her allure as her notoriously violet eyes. Several of Taylor kaftans were offered up at the Christie suction of her clothing and jewellery in December 2011. Zabriski Point, a 1970 film showing social change opens with a go of the pupil war protest and illustrates a new women in an Afro hairstyle wearing a kaftan.

In 1974, Gina Rowlands wears a mathematical print kaftan in A Woman Under the Influence. At the 2008 film, Rachael Getting Married, Anne Hathaway sports an attractive Indian kaftan in a wedding. 2001 2 Spring Fashion Week offered up many kaftan styles in both full versions and tunic versions. Tommy Hilfiger showed a dramatic colour blocked kaftan.

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